ICT : Turning Kigali into Africa’s Smart Cities Hub

Satellite company Inmarsat, telecomms equipment supplier Ericsson, and technology firm Intel have together created new blueprints that foster sustainable innovation among Kigali's residents. The Government of Rwanda is aiming to become a middle-income country by 2020, following the disruption caused to development by genocide more than 20 years ago.

Rwanda will be positioned as Africa’s IT Hub – through the development of smart cities and communities that capture key environmental goals listed in the SDGs. Source Edie newsroom

The country has identified IT as a key driver for economic growth. In order to sustain this growth beyond the 2020 target, Rwanda has a larger masterplan in place for 2040. The Government has acknowledged the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a key consideration, and will use developments of the nation’s IT infrastructure to champion certain environmental goals.
The Government launched its SMART Rwanda Vision Statement, which is moving the nation towards a “knowledge-based society” as part of the wider Smart Africa Manifesto, in 2013. The wider initiative tasks certain African nations with developing IT concepts to improve the wealth and living standards of the citizens on the continent. READ MORE

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