Karega meets over 250 Rwandans in Maputo

Karega (R) with Louis Baziga, of the Rwandan Community in Mozambique. (Courtesy)

Members of the Rwandan community living in Mozambique over the weekend met with Vincent Karega, the Rwandan envoy accredited to the southern African country.

During the meeting, they discussed various issues pertaining to their role in building their motherland.

Karega, who is resident in South Africa, met the Rwandans with an aim of promoting values of unity and dignity and instilling in them a sense of belonging to their motherland, according to a statement.

During the meeting, young Rwandans who live in Mozambique and were in the country for a civic education programme for the youth dubbed Urunana rw’Urungano, shared their experience during their time in Rwanda.

According to the statement, the meeting saw members of the Rwandan community commit to promote national values and to espouse the different national programmes like Ndi Umunyarwanda, and strive to put their country first in all their endeavors.

A cross-section of Rwandans during the meeting with in Maputo at the weekend. 

In his address, Karega reminded them of the bad history the country went through that culminated into the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, reminding them of the stance the leadership in Rwanda has taken to ensure the country never goes back to such experience.

“Rwanda today offers equal opportunity for Rwandans of all walks of life, from any historical background. What government prioritizes is ensuring every Rwandan fulfill their economic dreams at home, in the region and beyond,” he said.

According to the envoy, the momentum in the Diaspora for engagement in nation building is on the rise, arguing those present to be part of this great movement.

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