Rwanda: A different side of Africa

Hearing about Africa brings about images of going off on safaris or heading off into the wild. This writer finds herself drawn to the continent not only to seek adventure, but also to find the beauty, people, and culture within

Meeting a friend the author beside two male gorillas

Text and images by Jenna Sy

Africa has become a popular travel destination, but Rwanda isn’t high up on the bucket list of some wanderlust travelers. I have been to Africa to visit Morroco, Kenya, and Zambia, but for this trip, I decided to head to Rwanda for 11 days.

The hesitation to travel to Rwanda is perhaps a knee-jerk reaction to our assumption about the country. We tend to think of Rwanda as one ravaged by war and genocide, and it was, just a little over two decades ago. But as soon as I stepped out of the plane and into their country, I was impressed to find that it is recovering well from its past tragedies, one step at a time. I felt safe. It was peaceful, and the people were even more lovely and welcoming than I had hoped. READ MORE 

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