Rwanda Works at Rescuing Enslaved Africans in Libya


As the modern world is still marvelled by the existence of slave markets largely believed to have been abolished in the 18th century, Rwanda has acted swiftly on humanitarian grounds and offered to take in 30,000 Africans enslaved and abused in Libya. The footage by CNN of the secret slave markets attracted global condemnation but practical actions and solutions to rescue these people may take longer, since the number of people Rwanda is willing to take is smaller than those who urgently need help. In a statement by the Rwandan Minister of foreign Affairs, Hon. Louise Mushikiwabo, she mentioned that, “Rwanda may not be able to welcome everyone, but our door is open”. In the same statement, The Rwandan foreign minister mentioned two important reasons why the Rwandan government acted swiftly and could not, “remain silent when human beings are being mistreated and auctioned like cattle”. The reasons she mentioned were, Rwanda’s history and political philosophy, where the Rwandan history plays a significant role in shaping the political ideology and philosophy. READ MORE 


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